ET Stone: solar power bank

14th December 2015
ET Stone:  solar power bank

December 14 2015: We have reviewed many power banks on this page  but never one with such a radical, innovative   look and feel -- and yes,  it is  designed, developed and manufactured in India by a  4-year Mumbai-based startup,  Elixier Tech after crowd funding at Indiegogo
ET Stone  looks like a smart phone  with an adjustable stand --and weighs about the same.  One entire  face is taken up by a bank of solar cells, though you can't see them, for the black film on top.  But face to the sun or to bright light and a tiny red bulb lights up to tell you the power bank is charging.  A full charge could take more than 15 hours, so you have the faster  option of charging   from a laptop or PC  with a USB cable provided ( or from mains if you provide an adapter).  Usefully  the ET Stone lets you charge and discharge at the same time -- ie while you are charging the power bank through one USB port, you can use a second port to charge your phone, tablet or music player.
Other  thoughtful additions  are a 3-intensity  LED lamp  which can also double as an SOS flasher and an LED torch.  Also included is a fixture for mounting the power bank on a car window.
The  whole thing is a desi  marvel of ergonomic design which might make what is basically a 3100 mAh  power bank  worth the asking price of Rs 3999. It is available direct from the makers