Seagate Seven: Thin is in!

The  Seagate Seven is an-steel,  ultra-thin,   hard drive,  that can   stand  some serious  bashing.

Different times, different tastes.  Julius Caesar said:  "Let me have men about me that are fat!"  He had a suspicion of thin men -- like Cassius, who, pretty soon,  was to  pull out his dagger. I have on my desk,  a chunky  external hard drive,  that has served me well for six years:  Seagate's  FreeAgent Xtreme  sits upright on its own stand, 30 mm thick and weighing almost 800 gms.

Now it seems,   Twiggy is the new inspiration  for storage products: I have just laid my hands on  the  Seagate Seven, the company's  latest external  hard drive, which as the name suggests,  is   7 mm  thick,  adding just a millimetre of  protective steel on either side to pack in a 5 mm hard disk. Even with the braid-shielded USB 3.0 cable,  it weighs  less than 180 grams  and   is handier  than a 5 inch phone.

This means you can carry it in pocket or handbag,   to back up  your cell phone or tablet, or to store  your heavy video  downloads.  The makers have preloaded Seagate's Dashboard software  which  makes it  easy to perform your copying or back up routines.

The drive comes in only one capacity -- 500 GB -- and costs  Rs 9500.  Yes,  I have done the math  and have figured out,  like you,  that for this price we  could easily get a  drive of four times this capacity.  But Seagate Seven's USP seems  to be almost military-grade ruggedness, with gyroscopes   that neutralize  the shocks and bumps  of travel.   The makers say you can drop it -- or drive over it -- without risk to the contents.  I  haven't tried to do either, but clearly this is  the added value  you get for the premium  price.  

Anand Parthasarathy / October 12 2015