Kingston Mobilelite Wireless Media Reader G2: For footloose digerati

31st August 2015
Kingston Mobilelite Wireless Media Reader G2:   For footloose digerati
Multiple roles....Kingston Mobilelite Wireless Media Reader G2

August 31 2015:  The original  Swiss Army Knife made in the 1880s, had multiple tools, including  one to disassemble a  musket  and another to removes stones from a horse's shoe.  Other times, other needs:  The latest   edition  of the knife, updated  for a Digital Age, includes  a  detachable USB Flash drive  and a biometric finger print reader. The  Swiss mantra of  one tool, many roles, is  seemingly embraced by many of today's  digital productivity and entertainment tools.  Here is a nice example:
Kingston's mainstream business is Flash storage -- but   its Mobilelite Wireless Media Reader G2 combines at least three distinct roles:  it works as a portable card reader, freeing  up valuable space on your phone or tablet.  To do this it has  a USB port, with a cable to convert to micro USB;  an  SD memory card reader with an adapter for micro SD cards.    A second role  comes from its ethernet port  which allows you to plug in a broadband connection and effectively turn the reader into a WiFi router cum range extender. 
The third function comes from its 4640 mAh storage  -- which lets you use it an emergency  power bank.
If you install the MobileLite app ( Android  and iOS),  you can  share photos, files, and movies with up to 3 users simultaneously, upload vacation photos from your SD card directly to Facebook and Twitter or to your email. For Rs 3199, this reader plus is a steal  and a must-have travel companion for footloose digerati .