Frontech Wireless Speaker JIL-3906: waterproof wonder

31st August 2015
Frontech Wireless Speaker  JIL-3906: waterproof wonder
wireless and waterproof

Bangalore, August 312015: Appearances  can be deceptive.  The Frontech Wireless Bluetooth Speaker model JIL-3906 looks and feels  like any other   portable speaker -- except for the microSD card slot  next to the  USB charging port.
This lets you plug in a card with your favourite tracks and play them straight from the speaker, without benefit   of a separate player.  If you insert the  AUX cable provided, it serves as an antenna and unleashes the  FM radio  function of the speaker.
Recognizing that  parties are often held outdoors, the JIL-3906 is encased in rubber-like   waterproof material and the controls are all recessed  -- almost like a piece of military  equipment.  The colour is appropriately   camouflage  green.
This dinky unit belts  out 3 watts of sound and the Bluetooth and  NFC connection technologies let you pair it wirelessly to your mobile phone, music player  or tablet. 
Compellingly  priced at Rs 1100.