Groovez Bluetooth BTHS800: Fold-and-go headphones!

The Groovez BTHS8000 is an ideal companion for those long air or train trips

Headphones  come in two distinct  classes -- on-ear and in-ear.  Users who prefer to do their listening on the go, usually prefer the in-ear kind because they are so small and light and are ideal for discreet use with mobile phones,  especially when they are Bluetooth-enabled. 

But you pay a big price for size and convenience.  Other  ambient sounds  leak in -- and  for serious music premis, this is a no-go: They will endure  the bulk of on-ear headphones for the pleasure of shutting out the world  and concentrating on their favourite sounds from Brahms to Bismillah Khan -- except in case of an incoming call !

The Groovez Bluetooth headphones BTHS800 from the UK  makers, STK, is a fine exemplar of this second category -- and the best combo of price and performance that  I seen among  headphone  launches this year.

A neat swivel,  folds each  earpiece so that the whole  packs snugly  into a semi-rigid traveling case  shaped like a rugby football.   It charges through a USB cable   and  works on a full charge for some 10-12 hours of active use.  The mike is cleverly buried into the  left earpiece and  the music pauses automatically  if there is an incoming call on the mobile phone that you have paired with the headphone.  The play-pause, previous-next, volume up-down controls are conveniently positioned  on the left hand  phone  while  all call controls  -- take call, end call, reject call etc  can be done with the right hand using a single multifunction switch on the  headpiece. 

You can also use the headphones  to   voice dial a number  -- provided your phone supports  voice recognition.

The phone also boasts  adigital noise cancelling feature which is overstated

For Rs 3990, the BTHS800 is a  good value bundle of  features  crammed into a nice comfortable housing.  WE would not hesitate to take it along, the next time we have to face  a long and boring rail or air  trip.  May 25 2014