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Create your own pocket avatar!

December 23 2014: Intel has launched a new chat app that  harnesses facial tracking algorithms to render your expressions & voice onto an array of 3-D  avatars. It's called Pocket Avatars and is available free  for Android and iOS ( Apple) devices. 

You can  record and share personalized messages that mirror  your own facial gestures and voice. You can smile, blink,  wink, raise and lower eyebrows, stick out their tongue and even sing the lyrics to the songs of  your alter ego.

The latest addition last week, is pop star  Katy  Perry.



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Create your own pocket avatar!
by Kulwinder on December  21,  2015
  "sarahsingsarah singHi LURVE your vids have been watching them for a few weeks now. Just want to know if the brown sugar thing aalcutly works? hahaha stupid question but´╗┐ just curious."
Create your own pocket avatar!
by Milly on April  18,  2016
  "Wow! Talk about a posting knkcniog my socks off!"