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Gionee ElifeS 5.1: Get smart!

The Gionee ELIFE S 5.1  feels light but is a heavyweight performer

By V. Sudhakshina

If you are  looking  for a chic  smartphone with some  decent features  the Gionee ELIFE S 5.1 might be  a good choice.  Weighing 97.7 grams and just  5.1 mm thick, this is one of the lightest  handsets in its class. Featuring  a 1280 x 720 AMOLED display   and running on  an  1.7 GHz Octa Core processor with 1 GB RAM, the ELIFE S 5.1 provides  smooth navigation and decent video performance.  There’s an option that lets you easily operate the phone with few hand 'Smart Gestures'.   In addition to the standard Android keyboard, the ELIFE S 5.1  offers the option of a TouchPal X keyboard, which features word and sentences gestures, keyboard resizing, and a range of  'emojis'.

The ELIFE S 5.1  runs on Android 4.4 with Gionee’s Amigo 2.0 User Interface, which comes with its own set of customized icons. Featuring an  8 megapixels primary camera and  a 5 megapixels  'selfie' camera, the phone has options such as face detection, self timer, geo tagging, etc. There is also a very useful  'CharmCam'  which allows you to snap a document and convert it into a  PDF.

The only downside  is the storage. Even though it  has 16 GB internal memory, there’s no scope to expand it.  Perhaps most usefully  you get extras like a magnetic flip cover, a silicon back cover, SIM tray ejector pin and  four scratch guards.  The Gionee ELIFE S 5.1 is available in India for around Rs 19,000.


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Gionee ElifeS 5.1: Get smart!
by Kang on October  22,  2015
  "If both touch screen and full keyrbaod are important to you, then choose Palm Treo 755. Instinct is great, but lack a full keyrbaod. Blackberry Curve has nice keyrbaod but has no touch screen capability.Blackberry Storm is not yet available with Sprint."
Gionee ElifeS 5.1: Get smart!
by Kassi on April  16,  2016
  "At last some raantiolity in our little debate."