Bose Bluetooth on-ear headphones... wireless option
Bose headphones go wire-free -- via Bluetooth

Bose sound technology  has been  unwired! The  company  last week introduced the SoundLink  Bluetooth  wireless on-ear headphones in India -- and we must say, save for the absence of a noise cancelling feature( which is a different category), this one is a winner all the way.

In today's age of connected living rooms, there are always a handful of entertainment devices that are Bluetooth and wi-fi enabled. Be it a smart TV or your smartphone (where you are likely to store most of your music), or even a boom box, the SoundLink Bluetooth headphone seamlessly connects -- not one but many of your devices via Bluetooth -- and allows you to choose what you hear.

There are clearly two things that stand out -- the trademark  sturdy but flexible design, which allows you to collapse the device for easy carry around, and the super comfortable ear pieces which sits snugly over your ears, and not inside or around it. 

This model, is  a welcome departure from the silver and black body silhouette to a classy black and grayish blue, along with a new cloth lining that makes for a comfortable head support for extended listening pleasure. The device also comes with voice prompts that guide you to connect and pair your Bluetooth device. If you happen to get a call while listening to music, the device allows you to accept/reject the call and automatically adjusts the volume levels and filters out ambient noise for a clearer conversation. Of course, once the battery runs out (after 15 hours of nonstop playback), you can always plug in the device using a traditional cable.

At an asking price of Rs. 21,038, this is a premium product, but if you are a Bose enthusiast, you will find a lot of value even  in comparison to earlier  Bose offerings.

 Anand Parthasarathy /Bangalore  October 20 2014