Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro: A handy phone for click-happy 'prosumers'

05th October 2014
Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro: A handy phone  for  click-happy  'prosumers'

Lenovo’s Vibe Z2 Pro  resides is a  pit stop between amateur and professional photo worlds.
If you wish to satiate the professional photographer in you, get the Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro. It’s a smartphone which allows you to perform professional tips and tricks to your images and videos – going a step further from run-of-the-mill point-and-shoot camera phones
When Lenovo asked its bunch of product development experts in Japan, China and the US, to create a flagship smartphone of its VIBE series, they were given  a free hand without having to bother about a production budget. The product team  delivered a monster of a phone, and it seems many in the team are professional photographers, or are at least interested in something more than selfies with multiple background options.
The Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro is a photographer’s dream come true. Powered by  quad-core Snapdragon processor, with a 16 MegaPixel  autofocus rear camera, a 5MP front camera and a 6-inch  4K HD display, the device has a selectable  pro photography mode, which allows you to change shutter speed, deploy white balance, choose from multiple exposure modes, and fine tune focus – each using a separate slider.
If videos excite you, the VIBE Z2 Pro comes with a very interesting feature – a Live mode where both the rear and front cameras are activated at the same time. While the rear camera shoots the video, the front camera can be used to record your own live commentary about the video. A sort of picture-in-picture functionality, the Live mode takes video tagging to a new level. Imagine how much more powerful your home video of your toddler’s first steps, that special sunrise over the mountains or that freak traffic accident, has suddenly become. 
Once you have recorded that near-professional video or a bunch of photographs, the smartphone allows you to store them securely, in a password protected virtual enclosure within your phone. This ‘secure zone’ has a totally different look and feel to it, with only your preferred files and folders.
Powered by a Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz Quad Core processor, the VIBE Z2 Pro is a dual micro SIM smartphone, which comes with Android KitKat 4.4, in a  full metallic frame and future ready with LTE 4G capability, working on a 4000mAh Li-polymer battery.
At an asking price of Rs.32,999, we believe  the VIBE Z2 Pro might be  good  pit stop between a mobile phone -camera  and a basic Digital SLR, with a  sangam of professional and consumer features. It is available from  October  6  on Flipkart.   -- Vishnu Anand  
October 5 2014