Moser Baer's double density DVDs

18th August 2009
Moser Baer's double density  DVDs
Inside Moser Baer's DVD plant in Okhla, near Delhi.

Moser Baer, the India-based global leader in optical media manufacture, has introduced dual layer DVDs with double the storage capacity – 8.5 GB instead of 4.7 GB – in the domestic market. Also launched this week , are discs with LightScribe technology -- which enables users to etch the discs with their own labels and patterns.
Moser Baer ( explains that “Drives with dual layer capability access the second layer by shining the laser through the first layer, which is semi-transparent. The product is ideal for individuals and institutions with high storage needs. These include media houses and broadcasting organizations.”

LightScribe was conceived by Hewlett-Packard and brought to market in 2004. It is direct graphic printing and labeling technology that enables customers to create their own disc labels using the optical disc writer. The technology offers a convenient and low-cost method to create professional labeling solutions.

Moser Baer is only one of two top global suppliers of the Dual Layer and LightScribe formats in the international market.

Moser Baer’s LightScribe DVDs are available in 10-pack cake boxes at an MRP of Rs. 430, while the CD counterpart is available in 10-pack slim cases for Rs. 400. and 10-pack cake boxes for Rs. 250. Moser Baer’s Dual Layer DVDs are available in five-pack jewel cases for Rs. 700 and Rs. 650 for 10-pack cake boxes.

Moser Baer was the first to market the next-generation high-density Blue-ray disc and in recent months has morphed into a multi-technology organisation, diversifying into Solar Energy, Home Entertainment and IT Peripherals and Consumer Electronics.