Amkette Trubeats Slix Bluetooth and Freespirit Rasta headsets

23rd February 2014
Amkette Trubeats Slix Bluetooth  and  Freespirit Rasta headsets

Amkette has launched a pair of cool-n-colourful headsets in India.

The Trubeats Slix is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless headset which pairs with any Bluetooth device within 10 metres. with a single click. You need to search and add "Amkette Slix" on your Bluetooth enabled device and key in "0000" for pairing when prompted. The neckband goies over the back of your neck. The angled earbuds are a snug fit and a full charge gives you some 5 hours of usage. The same red and blue LED lights used to pair with Bluetooth also indicate the charging status.
The Jog dial is used to take or make calls from your phone and doubles as a volume control. The dial also serves as your music control and various combos of press and hold give you the usual stop, start, pause controls. The Slix is listed at Rs 3195 but can be had from the Amkette site for Rs 2995.
The full sized over-the-ear Trubeats Freespirit Rasta can be plugged into phone, tablet, laptop or PC. The phones come with two adaptors for Nokia and Sony phones. An incredibly small remote and mike combined is flush with the cable and helps you listen to your music or interrupt for a call. The multi function button uses a combination of press and hold functions to take or make a call, start, stop and pause. The button is neatly positioned so that it hangs close to your mouth when it doubles as a mike.
What I found unusual is the amazing base boost -- not usual in this class of headphones. I tried it with some of my favourite classical orchestral pieces and heard many low frequency tones from instruments like drums and bassoon for the first time. The Rasta costs Rs 1995  at the company site-- and is good value for such superior sound.
Anand Parthasarathy Bangalore February 24