Epson’s entry level all-in-one printer

06th August 2009
Epson’s entry level all-in-one printer

A combo printer-copier-scanner for less than four thousand rupees? This would have seemed unachievable even two years ago – but  intense competition in the consumer end of inkjet printers has ensured that   lay buyers are getting a good deal which gets better all the time.
Epson has just introduced an affordable  all-in-one printer – the Stylus TX111 – in the Indian market, that offers just under 6000 dpi print quality at maximum resolution, which should produce excellent colour photos -- and while we never seem to achieve the speeds makers claim ( in this case 30 ppm while printing and 3 seconds a page in scan mode) the machine is not noticeably slower  than many mid range printers, including Epson’s own.
And Epson has thrown in its separate ink system for the three colours, something one does not normally encounter at the entry price level. You can also opt for the economy cartridge range of your print volumes are low. Copying is a one-button dummies operation; indeed at the asking price of Rs 3999, why would any home user go in for a print-alone machine any more? Having copy capability at home ( or even a home office) is a great help when you need that one –off copy and don’t mind the slow speed, when the alternative is running to the neighbourhood “Zerox” shop and paying 60 paise.
We also liked the phot editing software they include – great if your needs are simple enough: a little colour or red eye correction – for which Photoshop would be overkill.
At 17 watts, this A4 printer is as power efficient as it gets in this category. Over all good value for money, especially  if you are about to buy your first printer.
- Anand Parthasarathy,  Aug 7 2009