EAFT D90T tablet: comes with WorldSpace music service

06th January 2013
EAFT D90T tablet: comes with WorldSpace music service


Bangalore January 7 2012:  We had reported briefly on the launch of EAFT’s new tablet with a useful  music feature embedded: access to the extensive libraries of WorldSpace, the  innovative but now sadly defunct satellite based world music resource.

WorldSpace had  90% of its customers in India but  couldn’t survive long after the global parent collapsed. The India employees had the bright idea of buying out the WorldSpace brand and  its extensive music libraries to fuel a new digital and Net music  venture: Timbre Media. They partnered with   the Saregama  music label   to offer  a whole new slate of services – and one of them is the partnership with EAFT which enables buyers of the  D90T tablet to activate  music service that allows  them to access  some 12 genres of music totalling some 70 plus hours music --  both Indian and International.


If you were a WorldSpace fan then  this tablet will have   a special attraction. Even otherwise it is a device with excellent multimedia capabilities --   very good sound;  superior   video reproduction at a display resolution of 1024 by 768 that is better than many tablets  --  and full  1080p HD.  

The screen size – 9.7 inches is about the biggest you can get these days in a tablet and  provides excellent experience when viewing movies.

We found the   multi-touch screen (HD IPS,  In Plane Switching is a new LCD display technology) features rather better than many capacitive screens we have tried.    And 2 cameras both 2 megapixel is a luxury, if you plan on doing  Skype video calls   or even basic web conferencing.

The dual core Cortex A9 processor ensures that most apps you run are adequately powered and the OS is  the current  Android 40.4  Ice cream sandwich.

The WorldSpace App   is ready to use. It takes  hardly a minute to register and activate. This opens a 3-D shelf of various music genres. The advantage over the old satellite backed WorldSpace is that you can now download  the music of your choice and listen to it offline, so to speak.

For Internet connectivity you can of course  harness the WiFi  to find a nearby hotspot – but this alone is not enough when you are on the move.  One needs to access the Net anytime anywhere using the GPRS features of one’s phone – or a dedicated 3G USB dongle.  You can certainly do that with the D90T – there is a standard USB port. The catch is no tablet today comes with the drivers for ALL currently available 3G dongles. 

We found from the product site that the D90T accepts Huawei E1750c, Huawei E1750 dongles for HSPA ( GSM) SIMs.  Now which provider – Airtel, Voda, Reliance, Idea, BSNL or whatevcr – offers one of these two models of Huawei dongle? We don’t know… If you plan on buying the D90T ( it is currently selling for Rs 14,999  against an MRP of Rs 16,999 ) it is  best to  ensure that  it works with the dongle you have. Alternately you may ask the supplier to provide a dongle that can be demonstrated to work with the D90T.  A nuisance we agree – but not one special to this  make of tablet. It is an irritant for anyone buying a tablet these days  and one the industry has not bothered to address. For this reason and if  mobile Internet is important to you, we would suggest buying in a shop and checking it for connectivity with a dongle,  rather than  buying online.

That said, we think the D90T  is  superior to  most tablets sold in India. It  is certainly no entry level 5000 rupee device --   but for what you pay, we think you will get value for, money by way of a superior  touch and audio-video experience.   Anand Parthasarathy

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Bangalore January 7 2012:  We had reported briefly on the launch of