Value-for-money netbook from Intex

15th July 2009
Value-for-money netbook from Intex

Intex' N101 boast  good memory,  graphics

Intel's Atom processor has fuelled an entire generation of  ultra-small  notebook computers, which the industry variously calls Netbook, MiniNote, Ultra Mobile PC  or whatever.  Almost as the PC biggies have launched a  platform in this form factor   and most of them are  on the wrong side of Rs 20,000, unless one is okay with no hard drive.

Now the Delhi based Intex Technologies,  a 13 year old Indian  provider of IT and phone hardware, has unveiled  its own Netbook that  those who don't want to pay more for a big brand name might find   good value for money. 

The N101-WC1100 is a 10 inch  LED-back lit  mini portable PC  with a 160 GB SATA hard drive. It is based on Intel's Atom N270 chip but what is a sort of extra in this price category is  the good 82845 graphics controller-chip set . To  allow the  machine to harness the  2D-3D graphics capability one needs decent-sized memory -- and the N101 comes with a respectable  1 GB.   We would suggest increasing this to 2GB straight away at extra cost.

The built in camera, too does not stint on specs: it is a 1.3 mega pixel model. Wireless LAN, bluetooth, standard LAN are all there , together with  a 7 in 1 mini card reader.  It's not the lightest model in this category, at 1.2 kg  but  all  told, we think this is what Indians would call 'paise vasool' ( money's worth).   The N101 costs Rs 18,900 ( black) with the red model costing Rs 19,400.

The battery life is not spectacular -- 4 hours is claimed -- but it might be a good idea to  run one of the Linux operating systems  which will come virtually free, since OS is extra.  ( July 16 2009)