Bose Lifestyle 135 & CineMate 1 SR systems: sound and style in slim soundbar

05th March 2012
Bose Lifestyle 135 & CineMate 1 SR systems: sound and style in slim soundbar

Packing five speakers into a slim package that just as easily sits below your flat screen TV or goes on a wall, Bose has once again, combined elegance with sound ( literally) specifications into an uncomplicated solution for the rest of us, technologically challenged music lovers .
PhaseGuide sound radiator technology combined with Bose's proprietary TrueSpace digital processing circuitry ensures that the sound bar -- an array just 6 cms high, 93.4 cms wide and 12.44 cms deep -- creates the allusion of multiple sound sources around the room, from places where there are no speakers.The Bose FlexMount automatic placement compensation, senses whether the speaker has been placed horizontally on a table, or mounted vertically on a wall. ADAPTiQ audio calibration technology, then kicks in, to customize the sound for the room’s unique size, shape, even furnishings.

The links are all wireless -- so there's no need to mess with wires connecting the Sound bar to the TV on one hand and to the Acoustimass module which produces deep low notes for added realism and can bed tucked away out of sight. If you buy the Sound bar and Acoustimass as part of the Bose Lifestyle 135 system, you also get a media Control Console that lets you link up to six HD sources (four HDMI inputs), and comes with a built-in an AM/FM tuner, and a dock for iPod or iPhone).

Packing the entire speaker system into a sleek soundbar seems to be Bose's canny response to the common wish list of music lovers or movie fans who live in flats or apartments where they can't tamper with walls to run complicated wiring -- yet need to link their television sets or music systems to multiple audio and video sources.

The Bose Lifestyle 135 system costs Rs 1,79,888. A subset is the Cinemate 1 SR system ( without the Control console) for Rs 1,12,388 which attaches directly to a TV with just one cable. Both options come with a single programmable remote that controls the system as as well as any others sources.

Bose Corporation was founded by MIT professor Amar G. Bose founded in 1964 anbd went on to become the world's best known brand name for audio technology. The company has been in India since 1998.   March 5 2012