Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2: Cutting out real-world clutter

31st December 2011
Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2: Cutting out real-world clutter

Few of us can afford to give undivided attention to our mobile telephone calls or the music we listen to from our phones or music players, while we are on the move or at work. We need to have one ear tuned to the real world of traffic hazards, others in the room -- whatever. Under these conditions we would still like to have our cake and eat it too: We demand great listening experience under less-than-ideal conditions. If anyone can make this happen, it is Bose, the company that has made great audio its central mantra for decades. 
Bose's  Bluetooth headset Series 2, throws in all its experience and technology to give owners a earful of scintillating sound, while the other ear is cocked for less mundane matters. It includes Bose's proprietary dual microphone system and signal processing to reject background noise and dramatically reducing the audible effects of wind, commuter noise in trains, airports, markets. This is good if you are listening to an incoming call in noisy ambient conditions... and it is great if you just want to listen to music that suits your mood.
Even more usefully, Bose's Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology reacts automatically to ambient noise levels change and adjusts the volume to match it. The Bluetooth antenna is inside -- which also contributes to reducing those annoying clicks and buzzes.
The in-ear piece made of soft, flexible silicone sits snugly -- but one has to make a decision while purchasing, whether you want a right ear or left year system -- a minor inconvenience and one which I  hope  Bose's ingenuity will  overcome before the next edition of this headset. It works with all devices that are compatible with the Bluetooth 2.1 or earlier standard. The  volume controls and multi-function call button  are essy to reach. LED indicators tell you when the Bluetooth connection made -- or if the battery is low.
The headset comes a carrying case, a USB charging cable and wall adapter, and three sizes of tips for your ears. All this functionality comes at a price: The Bose Series 2, Bluetooth headset costs Rs 8888 and in addition to Bose stores and audio shops in India, it can also be ordered via phone, numbers available at the site.
Just the audio edge to give yourself for this schizophrenic age! – Anand Parthasarathy / December 31 2011