Buffalo CloudStation: Hitch your phone to store in the cloud

New Delhi, November 3, 2011: Japan-based networked storage leader Buffalo Technology, has launched a storage solution for smart phones and tablets. The Buffalo CloudStation, provides a place to securely store and share data for all the Android phone / tablet PC and iPhone / iPad, giving access to Photos, videos, music, documents at home from Smartphone/Tablet PC, or computer anywhere in the world.

A plug and play device, CloudStation comes with everything one needs to get started with. Installation is an easy two step process that invites users to plug the storage device into any Wi-Fi router then proceed to Buffalo CloudStation website and click ‘activate’ to register the device.

It leverages  the PogoPlug streaming service for photos -- indeed professional photographers will be the first to appreciate the  combo of storage and  uploading service that Buffalo has brought.

Buffalo CloudStation does not need any software for installation.

Buffalo CloudStation enables users to decide what, where and when to share data stored on the appliance.  Similar to a hard drive that operates inside the computer, Buffalo CloudStation is accessible from the PC, Mac Computers as well as browser from Smartphone. And, with Pogoplug apps for mobile devices (iPhone & iPad / Android) users are only  seconds away from their valued content.

The CloudStation comes with a 3 year limited warranty and is available in two models CloudStation (Single Bay) and CloudStation Pro Duo (Two Bay). CloudStation 1 TB and 2 TB MRP is Rs. 21,000 & 25,500 and CloudStation Pro Duo 2TB and 4TB at a Price of Rs. 43,500 & 64,500 respectively.