WD TV Live Hub media storage-player

07th August 2011
WD TV Live Hub  media storage-player

Networked Storage Media player for the home Somewhat exceptionally among the current crop of network media players, WD TV Live Hub includes a 1 terabyte hard disk – possibly because it comes from storage leaders Western Digital
Typically one would transfer digital content like movies, music, still pictures and video from a variety of sources like, thumb drives, camcorders or digital cameras via one of the two USB ports and make the TV Live Hub what its name implies – your entertainment hub. You can also use the hub to directly play from TV, Disk players and games consoles. Content can be sent to tablet PCs like the iPad and a variety of smart phones including iPhone and Android phones.  Navigation with the remote to find and play your assets, is clean and intuitive.
It’s full HD 1080p capable -- so obviously you will get the full effect only if your TV or PC monitor is HD likewise. The WD TV Live Hub costs Rs 11,999 in India. You need to factor in that if you bought a 1TB external hard drive separately from WD or any of its competitors, it would set you back about half the asking price of the TV Live Hub, if not more.  Aug 8 2011