Dr Satya Gupta is IESA Chairman

Bangalore, India, April 28, 2020: India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA),  has appointed Dr. Satya Gupta, founder and CEO of Seedeyas Innovation, as the IESA Chairman for the year 2020-21. 

Dr  Gupta is an Industry veteran, Successful entrepreneur & Visionary Leader in the Electronics & Semiconductor space. He has contributed immensely in the area of Semiconductor and Intelligent Electronics Products. After a long and successful corporate career at Intel, he has been a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded 4 successful start-ups: Intel Micro Electronic Services, Open-Silicon, Concept2Silicon and SenZopt. Continuing his entrepreneurial journey his new venture Seedeyas Innovations is focused on building Intelligent Electronics products & solutions in the area of  Medical Electronics, Agriculture and Environment. Dr. Gupta along with several industry leaders co-founded IESA in 2005 and has been actively involved in promoting ESDM Industry through various initiatives at both state and national level. 

Says Dr Gupta : “During the current challenging times, it has become amply clear that “Self Reliance for Electronics Products and Components” is a must and has to be addressed on most urgent basis by industry, Government and Research community working together. IESA is working on multiple initiatives towards this goal, one of which is 1K-10K-100K program which aims to create 1K Electronics & Fabless Start-ups, 10K IPs and 100 K Crore of Business Value. IESA envisages a vibrant and inclusive ESDM eco-system with participation from every state of India and developing products & technologies which will address national and global challenges.”