Lycos founder Michael Mauldin rejoins as director

24th August 2015
Lycos founder Michael Mauldin rejoins as director

Hyderabad,  August 24 2015 : Michael Mauldin, the founder ofLYCOS  in 1994  is rejoining the new    Indian-led entity as  an Independent Director on its Board  from today.
In his earlier tenure, he also served as the Chief Scientist of the Lycos Internet search engine company. Mauldin developed the Lycos Search Engine while working on the Informedia Digital Library project at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also former director of Conversive, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence Software company based in Malibu, California.
"We are delighted to welcome the creator of LYCOS on to the company board.  This appointment brings solid value to the company in terms of broad basing the board composition. More importantly this provides us access to Michael's experience and deep insights in the technology domain." said Suresh Reddy, Chairman & CEO of LYCOS.
Since leaving LYCOS in 1998, Mauldin has written two books, ten refereed papers and several technical reports on natural language, autonomous information agents, information retrieval and expert systems. He is also one of the authors of Rog-O-Matic and Julia.
"Twenty years ago Lycos changed the way the world accessed online information, and I hope to help Lycos change the world again as we tame the wilderness of wearable technology and the Internet of Things," said Mauldin.
The Verbot program is based on Mauldin's early work in natural language processing and Chatterbots.