Testing times ahead for Indian software biz -- and that's good news!

08th December 2012
Testing times ahead for Indian software biz -- and that's good news!
Vignettes from the expo alongsite the Software Testing Conference, Bangalore December 6-7 2012, Inset:Pradeep Chennavajhula, CEO & Co-founder, Edista Testing Institute ( Event Photos: IndiaTechOnline)

Bangalore, December 9 2012: Mobility and the Cloud are the two stimulii driving  software testing industry as it  enters what is being  called its  iteration.  The 12th Annual Annual Software Testing Conference (STC) 2012, held here for two days last week  had as its  theme,  Testing Enterprise 3.0 - Reimagining the Business, even as it drew 800 plus delegates and some 35 organizations which shared their experience, particularly  in the emerging  areas of  technology-based testing – mobile, web-based and  service-oriented.

For India’s young and ever growing community of software programmers, testing has always  something of a mixed blessing --  boring to  checkout someone else’s coding – but  challenging ( and rewarding) to tweak applications just so they  work to perfection and beat the competition.
If some 10 in 100 programmers in India  took to testing a decade ago, the number  has grown three fold today, explained
Pradeep Chennavajhula, CEO & Co-founder, Edista Testing Institute, a sister unit of QAI,  the leading global  consulting and workforce development firm that organises the STC every year.  Enterprise clients have grown  almost four fold  meanwhile, but technology is a shifting goalpost and  testing has become increasingly automated  today --  so   perhaps  there is still scope one in four engineers to stake out a career in testing, Pradeep  felt.

Developments  like  the cloud have allowed enterprises to shift their infrastructure to  a more cost effective plane – and  testing industry has responded with cloud-based services. This has  had an interesting offshoot – the  rise of the independent  testing expert who  increasingly  leverages a variety of  portable devices.  Agencies like Edista  have had to recognize this reality and  respond with  traning and solutions  that this  more competitive, technology-driven testing ecosystem demands.  It has partnered with TestPlant, the developer of  a robotic test tool product  called eggPlant, which boasts of an innovative non-invasive 'search and compare' functionality that automates screen testing for any screen-based device: PC, smartphone, or tablet.

The  expo alongside the  STC  featured  some  half a dozen  testing solution and service providers like HP, Pearson,  Neotys, Parasoft and Datamatics each of whom could point at  a loyal client list in India. The France-based Smartesting   spoke of having considerable success with its  USP --  model-based testing --  among  leading corporates here.

A n October 2012 study by Research and Markets  expects the global  software testing  services business to grow at a healthy 5.16% CAGR. The top players it cites includes Indian companies like Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra and Hexaware as well as major MNC opertors in India like IBM, Accenture, CapGemini and HP.  Clearly there are – literally – testing times ahead – which in this industry is good news, not bad.