Millionth PC from Pantnagar

03rd July 2009
Millionth PC from Pantnagar

25 months on, HP’s manufacturing facility in Uttarakhand rolls out its millionth product
India’s number one personal computer seller, Hewlett Packard    rolled out its one millionth product from its manufacturing facility in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, this week.
The factory commenced operations in March 2007 and has the capacity to manufacture 5.7 million PCs and laptops a year – so clearly there is plenty of headroom.    The facility is substantially automated and the process is virtually paperless. It includes real time and online  downloading  of operating system software. 
The ISO 9001 certified plant employs 500 and quality across HP’s global plants is maintained by a daily feed of data from Pantnagar and all other plants to the company’s corporate quality office.
HP maintained its position as India’s number one PC seller and according to IDC, had an 18.2 percent share of the market by units shipped in quarter one of 2009.
( June 3 2009)