NI honours Indian achievement in graphical system design

15th November 2012
NI honours Indian achievement in graphical system design
Vignettes of the NI Days 2012 exhibition area in Bangalore, last week ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)

Bangalore, November 14, 2012: Global graphical system design solutions leader, National Instruments, has launched a community forum portal for users of its flagship virtual instrumentation solution LabVIEW and highlighted new iterations of its flagship tools at the annual NI Days conference and expo,in Bangalore last week.
The event saw saw participation from NI customers and alliance partners from industries like healthcare, semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, life sciences, robotics and telecommunication as well as companies like Tata Consultancy Services (Engineering services - Consumer Electronics), Nutron Systems (Pharmaceutical Machines) and Cypress Semiconductors (Semiconductor).
In what has been an enduring characteristic of NI in India, the company leveraged the event to focus on innovative solutions for the educational sector – as well as innovative use by students of NI tools like MyDAC – a compact and affordable data acquisition system. The newly launched forum  is geared to bring together LabVIEW developers from all over India to share best practices, discuss technical challenges, share sample codes and also explore career opportunities.
Winners of the annual Graphical System Design Achievement Awards 2012 highlighting efforts by Indian engineers, scientists and in test & measurement ; embedded monitoring and control applications were announced at the summit.
The ‘Application of the Year’ was awarded to the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, Rajasthan for developing IP for next generation digital radio standard-based transmitter to enable digital quality AM reception for rural India.
Victor Mieres, who recently took over as NI’s Singapore-based Vice President, Emerging Markets, Asia/Rest of the World who delivered opening event keynote said: “We are excited about the significant outcome of NI's strategic and long-term R&D investment in India. As India’s influence on the global marketplace grows, the NI India team collaborates with hundreds of customers in universities, SMEs and multinational corporations to nurture local innovation and accelerate productivity.”  See our item in the IT People section 

Complete list of Winners 2012
Result/  Name/  Company /Category/ Application

Application of the year Sandeep Yadav; IIT R; Research; Development of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM/DRM+) Transmitter. 

1st Alliance partner Vishwanath Kalkur; Captronics; Alliance Partners PCM Telemetry receiver.

1st General Category R. Padma Rao, Manager, Amarnath Varanasi, S. K. Panda, ,K. M. Prasad, HAL; General; Design of Universal Engine Electronic Control Unit (UEECU) for Small Gas Turbine Engines using cRIO Modules & LabVIEW Software.

1st Planet NI category Sriram IQC; SME; Automatic ultrasound testing of pipes

1st Research category Sandeep Yadav; IIT R; Research; Development of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM/DRM+) Transmitter

2nd Alliance partner Sandeep Shah Optimized Alliance Partners 7.5 MW Pump Test Facility using NI PXI System. 2nd General Category Balaji Kubendran; Moog; General ;MOOG Test Platform for Aircraft Actuation Test Systems. 2nd Planet NI Category Hari Dilip Kumar; Fluxgen; SME Embedded renewable energy performance monitor 2nd Research Category Alekhya Datta; TERI; Research Distributed Generation based Smart Mini Grid System