Tesco's Indian engineers craft cool mobile shopping tool, create virtual grocery at Gatwick airport

11th November 2012
Tesco's Indian engineers craft  cool mobile shopping tool, create virtual grocery at Gatwick airport
Top: a view of the Tesco virtual grocery at Gatwick. Bottom, screen shots of the Tesco mobile shopping app developed in India

Bangalore, November 12, 2012:The Bangalore-based Indian developers of  global retail giant Tesco have  crafted user-friendly smartphone-based applications which allow customers to “Shop on the Go”, search for products, create a shopping basket and determine when they would like to collect it – or have it delivered.
The application that works with the iPhone as well as Android phones is the work of the mobile applications lab at Tesco's Hindustan Service Centre here. 
The application enables users to: Search for products and add to  their basket; book, view and change a delivery slot; view favourites(anything bought from a particular store earlier) and add them to the basket; view pending orders; amend orders and make a shopping list – all on the phone.
The application has seen more than 2 million downloads since its release and has generated a 3% the online revenue growth through mobile users, explained Sandeep Dhar, CEO Tesco HSC, in a special briefing for IndiaTechOnline. Virtual grocery at Gatwick airport
Engineers at HSC have also helped to set up the UK’s first interactive virtual grocery store at London’s regional airport at Gatwick. Travellers can ‘peep’ into entire grocery shelves by operating a touch screen; can scan the barcode of the products they need and add them to a ‘basket’ which is directly integrated with the Tesco search feature. This enables airline travellers to place orders during the one hour or more of idle time while they wait for their flights – and have the order delivered to their homes when the return. ( See , for a few days, a video on the Gatwick Tesco virtual grovery in our Tech Video spot on the home page at www.indiatechonline.com )
The Virtual shopping concept was first with great success launched by Tesco in Seoul, South Korea where subway walls were converted into virtual shopping malls offering more than 500 of the most popular Tesco products. But the version now operational at Gatwick is the work of Tesco’s India team at the HSC, Mr Dhar said.
Tesco is the world's third largest retailer, and a market leader in six of the 14 countries it operates in. This includes 6234 stores, 500,000+ employees, £72 billion ($115 billion) in turnover, over 60 million customers. 
In additional to the development labs, the Tesco HSC in India, supports Tesco retailing technologies worldwide. The global service operations of Tesco HSC are involved in creating and executing strategic initiatives for Tesco retail stores worldwide. These strategic initiatives cover the IT, Business, Financial, Commercial and Property aspects, among others. Tesco is the first major international retailer to have a fully-owned support centre in India. www.tescohsc.com  

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