For India, R&D is the key: Zinnov

26th June 2009
For India, R&D is the key: Zinnov

The R&D ecosystem in India will be one of the strongest in the globe within 10 years, predicts leading management consultants, Zinnov Management Consulting (
India will have a greater number of start-ups every year and will also witness many home-grown investors and a strong VC ecosystem.  Zinnov sees the potential for more than 100 companies with  an Intellectual Property- led revenue over $ 100 million and a few over a billion dollars by 2019. 
In his opening keynote at its annual R&D conference in Bangalore last week, Zinnov CEO Pari Natarajan suggested that such R& activity will come from:
·       MNC centres operating in strategic independence or as a strategic global partner
·        R&D service providers whose offerings will go all the way from concept to manufacturing
·       A vibrant ecosystem of start-ups
·       Universities in industry partnerships
·         Cities emerging as most preferred locations for such technology talent
·         Small businesses targeting the domestic market.
Natarajan gave examples of various types of  services already in place: services model like Airtel Cisco and TCS; globally owned outfits like McAfee and Yahoo; global corporate function like Ford, Intel and IBM.
Interestingly Indian R&D centres are replicating the Israeli model where they work as business units for global players: iFlex for Oracle; Yasu for SAP; IndiaGames for Cisco….
We will see at least a handful of Indian intellectual property-led companies reach one billion dollars in revenue , Natarajan said.
“In years to come, global competitiveness of the R&D fraternity across geographies is only going to increase and the best way to outpace others is to carve out a system which autonomously drives innovation and product development out of India, said Praveen Bhadada, Engagement Manager, Zinnov.
(Bangalore June 27)