Bangalore to become aerospace technology hub: State Secretary for Industries announces at BICSI conference

23rd August 2012
Bangalore to become aerospace technology hub: State Secretary for Industries announces at BICSI conference
BICSI Secretary Ninad Desai looks on as Karnataka state Principal Secretary M N Vidyashankar speaks at the BICSI India Conference in Bangalore on Aug 23 2012 ( IndiaTech Online photo)

Bangalore, August 23, 2012: Bangalore is poised to become India’s first and biggest aerospace industry hub, with a major aerospace park coming up near the city’s international airport, representing an investment of over $ 10 billion. 
To kick start the process, the state is poised to announce its Aerospace Policy -- the first such policy from any state in India -- within a fortnight, announced  M N Vidyashankar, IAS, the Karnataka state’s Principal Secretary for Industries and Commerce today. 
He was inaugurating the BICSI India Annual Conference – the annual get together of India’s IT Systems community.

Every major aerospace player will be there, Mr Vidyashankar added – including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. In fact, some 36 % of the 29,000 component parts that go into the latest Boeing Dreamliner aircraft are already coming from Bangalore, he said.

In his opening remarks, MAIT President  Alok Bharadwaj said, at the current rate of technology growth, India would be a net consumer of IT hardware and technology to the extent of $ 400 billion by 2020, compared to $ 50 billion today. The challenge was to convert this into a value chain, for Intellectual Property, manufacturing ,muscle and applications.

The inaugural keynote was delivered by  Pravin Prashant, Editor, Voice & Data magazine.

Subtitle: 500 professionals congregate
The Information Technology Systems (ITS) Industry is constantly under pressure from the demand for higher and higher bandwidth. The industry is ready to meet this “head-on”, with the constant innovations that have been happening. Be it the fibre optic transceivers, high fibre count connectivity or even copper that support this speed – demonstrations and pilot projects are visible all around us.

It is against this background that over 500 professionals of the ITS industry, gathered in Bangalore today for the annual India conference of BICSI, the world’s largest professional organisation of the ITS industry.

“IEEE is weighing the next data transmission speed options of 400 Gigabit per second and Terabit per second. And most interestingly, the Terabit Ethernet technology is based on a proposal from two companies -- Google and Facebook --who think it is very necessary. However the next speed hike will make sense only if the cost per gigabit come down”, said BICSI India District Chairman Dileep Kumar in his opening remarks. He pointed at another key technology trend: the convergence of different technologies within a building. “We have the data, voice, video, building management systems, security systems, Access control, IP cameras… all working on a network backbone”, he added.

Key presentations were made on the opening day of the conference by industry leaders including RiT Technologies, Israel; Fluke Networks; Schneider Electric; Panduit; D-Link India; Nexans, Belgium; Optinext Technologies, Cisco and others.

The conference ends on August 24.