Last chance to check if DNS change malware has affected your computer

July 8 2012: Tomorrow, July 9, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation will step in to shut down the rogue servers who for some six months now, have been changing the domain name system ( DNS) or Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that identified every computer accessing the Internet. The DNS Change Working Group (  ) estimates nearly 20,000 computers in India have been affected next in numbers after the US and Italy. You may like to check that your computer/laptop/ desktop/tablet has not been affected – because if you are, then come Monday, your DNS will not work – the FBI would have shut down the site to which your computer has been illegally redirected. It will take a call to your Internet provider to reset your address.
You can find information here:  
This site is under heavy pressure from users – and if it is not accessible, try this  
You can find a dynamic map showing the built up of dns changes happening at the video we have uploaded in our TechVideo slot or go here   
The Times of India story on Sunday: