Yahoo, IIT Madras join to create Grid Computing Lab

07th July 2012
Yahoo, IIT Madras join to create Grid Computing Lab

Chennai, July 7 2012: Yahoo! India R&D has joined the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT- Madras) to create a Grid Computing Lab at the IIT- M campus
This cluster of high-end servers at the lab will allow researchers to access web-scale data and conduct research on big data and cloud computing systems.
The partnership will support researchers at IIT- Madras to process and analyze huge volumes of structured and unstructured data which, to date, has been limited due to significant cost barriers in getting large computing systems operational.
Says Hari Vasudev, Vice President, Connections, Yahoo! Inc: “At Yahoo! we believe that open and collaborative research is the best way towards building the next generation of the Web. By partnering with premier institutes like IIT-Madras, we hope to spur research in big data problems in areas such as search, personalization and digital advertising.”
Adds Prof. D Janakiram, Department of Computer Science, IIT-Madras: “We are excited to partner with Yahoo! to advance cloud computing research in India as it opens up a new arena of exciting opportunities for our students. We are hopeful such partnerships will allow students to conduct truly breakthrough work on cloud computing and data storage systems, ultimately leading to web innovations coming to the marketplace".
Yahoo! India R&D had previously established a similar lab at the IIT Bombay campus, which conducts research in data management and natural language processing.Yahoo! has its second largest R&D center globally, in Bangalore. Established 10 years ago, the centre has delivered more than 20 products across Yahoo's media, technology and platform portfolios. Some of its well-known products innovations are Yahoo! Cricket, omg!, Yahoo! Video, Polyads, Predict etc.