Cisco's CTO, Padmasree Warrior assumes additional role in the company

30th June 2012
Cisco's CTO,  Padmasree Warrior assumes additional role in the company

Bangalore July 1 2012: Networking leader Cisco Systems’ India-born Chief Technology Officer and Indian Institute of Delhi alumnus, Padmasree Warrior, has been given additional responsibility: she is now also Chief Strategy Officer, making her one of the most powerful Indians in the higher echelons of US business. Reuter quotes Gartner analyst Andrew Butler: "This allows her to focus on what she does well. Like (CEO) Chambers, Warrior is great on stage, she is well regarded within the company and is seen as a steady hand on the wheel”.
However there are no indications that this is a stepping stone to the CEO’s job – at least for the preesent -- though such wishful thinking has appeared in the Indian media. Warrior, joined Cisco in 2007 after spending 23 years at Motorola where she held the same post – CTO – for many years  and was credited with inspiring some of Motorola's iconic phones like  the Razr. 
She belongs to Andhra Pradesh state in India andreceived her Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1982. She holds a  masters in chemical engineering fromCornell University and serves as an advisory board member at both schools according to Wikipedia.
As Chief Technology Officer, Padmasree Warrior helped define Cisco’s technology strategy and pushes Cisco to stretch beyond its current capabilities, not just in technology, but also in its
strategic partnerships and new business models.
Warrior also serves on a broad range of government and industry advisory boards, charitable and community organizations. Recently, Fast Company Magazine selected her among the “100Most Creative People in Business” and she was one of six women nationwide selected to receive the "WomenElevating Science and Technology" award from Working Woman magazine. In 2007, she was inducted into the Women in Information Technology International Hall of Fame.