An e-biz portal that fuses Indian fashion, art, culture

17th June 2012
An  e-biz portal that fuses Indian fashion, art, culture

New Delhi, June 18, 2012: Delhi-based Nikites Media has launched an interesting  international e-commerce portal that combines the symbiotic realms of Fashion, Art and Culture under one umbrella
Premium clients can swipe on delivery as well. Nikites has an Exclusive partnership with Fedex for overnight pick up from anywhere and delivery to anywhere in the world. Nikites also possesses the IEC code (import-export code) and special custom clearances at all the Indian Ports for smooth business operations. This will be specially helpful for businesses (jewelers and designers) who wish to have international operations.
The range includes Jewels by Preeti (Delhi), Designer Rohit Kant ( Delhi), Pearls &more (Hyderabad), Anand Ranawat Signature jewelry ( Mumbai), Tulola Designs (Indonesia), Aroma e Pure (Romania), Big foot shoes ( Hyderabad) , Kalanirvana Art gallery ( Hyderabad), Artfellas (Italy), Nili Zahar ( Kuwait), Miss KCupcakes ( Bangalore) etc
The aim is to radically shift consumer behavior and understanding of the world of art and fashion, says . Mayank Kay, Founder & CEO "Long distance commerce means taking the product to the consumer by whatever means possible , be it e commerce, catalogue shopping or via multi-city exhibitions , all the while keeping the customer fully informed.”