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Danish supermarket leader opts for Infosys e-commerce solution

Bangalore, June 13, 2012: Infosys digital commerce solutions will underpin the retail commerce experience of customers of Denmark’s largest retail group, with over 1,300 stores Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland -- Dansk Supermarked.
This will provide its consumers a seamless and convenient cross-channel shopping experience by multiplying the online range of products resulting in more product choices for consumers; Introducing new services for convenient online shopping and Improving consumer experience through extensive research and user tests.
Infosys was selected by Dansk Supermarked A/S for its capabilities in delivering end-to-end digital commerce programs for global retailers. This transformation program will start with, one of Dansk Supermarked’s store chains and is expected to help increase’s sales to 2.4 Billion Danish kroner by 2016.
Infosys supported Dansk Supermarked  in identifying the key business capabilities for the cross-channel solution, defining the strategic roadmap and selecting the platform. Infosys is now implementing the solution based on the hybris suite of products.Infosys is a strategic partner of hybris, a leading provider of multichannel commerce and communication software and this program will strengthen its relationship and help in jointly building tomorrow’s digital commerce enterprise for Dansk Supermarked A/S.
Says Alan Jensen, IT Director, Dansk Supermarked A/S: “This cross-channel commerce program is a key enabler for our business growth strategy and we are partnering with Infosys to leverage its strong digital commerce expertise, technology leadership and understanding of the retail industry to accelerate growth for”
Adds Karmesh Vaswani, Vice President and Head – Europe; Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods & Logistics, Infosys added, “We look forward to partnering with Dansk Supermarked on this strategic programme. This will further increase our commitment to the retail and consumer market in the Nordics. Our success metrics for this program are linked to Dansk Supermarked creating new benchmarks in digital excellence across the European retail industry, while improving its profitability, competitiveness and innovation.”
Ariel Lüdi, CEO, hybris says, ““Infosys has been one of our strategic partners for a number of years and we value their knowledge of our end-to-end multichannel commerce solutions. We are delighted to be working together to deliver Dansk Supermarked A/S a fully integrated solution that will provide all the capabilities it needs to support their cross- channel programme.”


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Danish supermarket leader opts for Infosys e-commerce solution
by Sezin on July  26,  2012
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Today I repent on my decision having coshen to work with Infosys who has given me nothing but just a whole bunch of frustration.We all are well versed with Indian system wherein all govt. recognized Ids are issued with a minimum time period of 20 days, having known this fact how much do the company expect us to carry the govt. recognized doc. within 6 days.Being my dream company I Didn’t want to lose the offer hence I accepted the offer and reported to Mysore on 6 June for induction and training.As there were incomplete details provided by the company regarding documents, I carried my college id which is valid throughout 2010, bmtc student bus pass valid till june2010, 6 semester examination hallticket duly stamped and signed by the concerned authorities, what else the company expect me to do and make arrangements within 6 days.I feel sorry to say but Infosys has failed in assisting and guiding the candidates especially in queries regarding id proofs.Moreover, when we were allowed to enter the campus area we were given some print out pages which stated that the company will not accept any college ids and travelling passes. I really don’t understand the purpose. Was the company doing us the favor by giving jobs?? Or this is the way the company wants to show off its big name that has got a good market value which it’s not worth of.Giving print out pages at last moment has just made me realize that the company thinks it’s doing a big favor by granting us the jobs, its only we who are running behind the Infosys and that Infosys actually do not value our purpose of working with them.Travelling to Mysore may be an easy job but we and our parents know the actual pain in finding the location of Infosys in Mysore, getting a day’s stay and again returning back to Bangalore.It’s been one of the shameful experiences individually and has ultimately resulted in fall of the company’s image as well.Parents at the gate leave us in the campus thinking we will b well assisted and the queries will be paid attention and taken care of but, it’s shocking that company like Infosys has not been able to meet our as well as our parent’s expectation in guiding the candidates.As mentioned in the offer letter we were asked to report to Mysore at 1 pm for the induction. When the company has a fair idea about the crowd it is admitting, it should have made some sensible arrangements to carry on the process smoothly. The BPO candidates were allowed to enter the campus area only at 2.30pm; all this just shows the carelessness in handling the programs and the mismanagement of the company towards the new joinees.The whole induction prog was handled only by 3 persons from Infosys which consisted of 1000+ candidates, and there were many like me who were been put on hold just because we Didn’t have govt recognized documents, what worse can u expect further to this.In the whole process its only we who are the ultimate sufferers. The company gives us incomplete information regarding the id proofs which are acceptable by you. 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