Now, an original design manufacturer for tablets in India

09th June 2012
Now,  an original design manufacturer for tablets in  India

Mumbai June 9, 2012: India’s first Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for tablet PCs in India – Wishtel -- has beefed up its design, manufacturing, and software engineering capabilities to meet the growing global demand for the company’s market leading tablet products and turnkey solution services
Since the introduction of the Wishtel ‘IRA’ and ‘IRA Thing’ tablet PCs, Wishtel has shipped over 50,000 devices and expects to reach monthly volumes of 100 thousand per month in the second half of 2012. Ira was conceived with the notion of providing low-cost, yet highly effective tablets to take on the challenge of facilitating millions to connect to the internet. Ira provides quality educational and multimedia content through a proprietary content delivery network (CDN). IRA has been designed as per specifications from IIT Rajasthan as a part of their low cost computing devices project, under the National Mission on Education through ICT and sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource and is a contender  to supply tablets under the Aakash2 project. To meet growing demand, Wishtel is expanding the capacity of its manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and Kandla (Gujarat) and increasing investment in R&D to further enhance its hardware design and software engineering.
“Our clients see India as a highly attractive alternative to China for the manufacturing of tablets because of our greater speed and flexibility in customizing hardware designs to meet their exact customized requirements,” says Wishtel CE Milind Shah,, “Moreover servicing these tablets PCs in India is more economical and convenient instead of sending them back to China.”
Since the launch of the Wishtel ‘IRA’ and ‘IRA Thing’, the company has signed a series of MOUs with system Integrators, Telcos & computer and electronics brand names in India, the Middle East, Europe, and Malaysia for designing and manufacturing tablet based on Android & Linux.