Philips India's President, Healthcare, Krishna Kumar unveils the ClearVue Ultrasound systems at a media event in Bangalore, May 11 2012 ( INDIATECHONLINE photo)
Philips unveils healthcare products, made in India, for India -- and the world

Bangalore, May 14, 2012:The Indian engineers and professionals based in the Philips Innovation Campus have crafted a plethora of healthcare products which have kept local needs and challenges in mind, even as they fulfill global requirements and standards.
The latest is a pair of ultrasound diagnostic solutions --ClearVue 350 and ClearVue 550 -- which combine low cost and energy efficiency with proprietary Active Array technology, for enhanced image quality in both 2D and color, which effectively separates the image acquisition and processing operations. Designed for Indian conditions, it can support high patient volumes with ease of use. 
Additionally, the system’s intuitive user interface provides flexibility to serve patients in any care setting across a wide range of applications including cardiology, abdominal, Ob/Gyn, fertility, vascular, breast and musculoskeletal imaging. However the product has also found interest in Germany and is being evaluated by medical professionals in both countries, explained Krishna Kumar, President, Philips Healthcare, Philips Electronics India.
Added Wido Menhardt, head of the Philips Innovation Campus: “PIC has transitioned from an innovation center to a full-fledged product development center, with the focus on creating end-to-end high technology products and solutions for India and world. The launch of ClearVue is testimony to Philips’ commitment to bringing leading-edge technology innovations developed and suited to Indian conditions and which address the key needs of the India market. ”
In a media briefing and tour of the PIC on Friday, Philips also showcased:
- The Philips Goldway, a video colposcope, that helps gynaecologists perform examinations with higher image magnifications and superior resolution. The equipment, which incorporates a 360 degree LED light arrangement, will be of huge benefit for detecting and preventing cervical cancer, explianed Dr Payal, a medical practitioner working at PIC.
- The HeartStart MRX , a portable emergency resuscitation and patient diagnostic tool that can be used by medical mergency professionals
- IntelliHospital, a complete and automated hospital ecosystem
- e-ICU, the system to bring the expertise of distant specialists to an intensived care unit.
- Healwell, the world's first lighting concept tpo supporrt patient recovery by simulating the natural light rhythms.
The PIC, Bangalore is a division of Philips Electronics India Limited, established in August 1996, as a software center and since developed into a product development centre with the focus on delivering meaningful innovations for local and global markets. PIC hosts all the three business units of Healthcare, Lifestyle and Lighting and employs 2500 plus professionals.