‘Made in India’ software fuel’s Aruba’s award winning remote access solutions

04th June 2009
‘Made in India’ software fuel’s Aruba’s award winning remote access solutions

Wireless LAN leader Aruba Networks has just launched a slate of Virtual Branch Network (VBN) solutions – an name cannily chosen it seems to recall VPN or Virtual Private Network, which has been till now the accepted way to  securely  tunnel back to one’s parent network. Aruba has created multiple solutions by way of Remote Access Points (RAP) devices which make the task of connecting through voice and data to one’s office net, a secure, and painlessly simple one. 
The VBN family includes RAP-2, an approximately $ 100 device for 1 to 5 users and the RAP -5 for 50 users as well as series 600 branch office controllers. The RAP-2 is smaller than a pack of cards and when connected even from a hotel room’s Ethernet  port to a broadband link, wirelessly transforms your laptop into your office desktop and office phone. 
The full Aruba 600 series was recently judged the best product in the wireless and mobility category at the Interop   conference and exhibition in Las Vegas. The entire software for the RAP devices and substantial software for other series 600 control equipment was developed at the  India based lab of Aruba, Alok Kothari, Bangalore-based Managing Director of Aruba Networks told IndiaTechOnline.
The attractive pricing of the RAP-2 ( $ 112 equivalent in India) will make it an very good value proposition for small enterprises in India -- even the RAP-5 is  only priced around $ 600, explained National Sales Manager Ravindra Talwalkar.
Aruba was co  founded in 2002 by  Karnataka son Keerti Melkote, who is now the Chief Technology Officer. India is the company’s main design centre.
(Anand Parthasarathy in Bangalore June 4)