Hudku spans local and global in its search service

06th April 2012
Hudku   spans local and global in its search service

Bangalore, April 6, 2012: A Bangalore based tech company has created a glocal search engine -- a local search engine for anywhere in the world. It's called ('hood' 'ku', Kannada verb for ‘search’), and it's starkly simple home page lets users type the search query along with country, city, location and any other specific attributes in the same field. The results come fast and certainly for Indian cities, they are plentiful and --as far as we could judge with a few tries -- accurate. A Bing map pops up, pinpointing the location of all establishments thrown up by a search.
The project now 7 months old,  is the brain-child of a group of qualified technocrats from Indian Institutes of Technology and National Institutes of Technology, led by Arun Kumar (CEO) , C.R Balaji and Meher Simhadri. They promise to revolutionise the way people search on the internet.

Features of

· Single Window Interface: The user has to just type the free text query in the single text box.

· Relevant, Precise and Fast Search Results: has solved the precision problem that is inherent in Free Text searching.

· LBS (Location Based Search): The search results pertaining to a location are displayed first subsequently followed by results from nearby locations.

· Owner Chosen Keywords: The owner of the listing decides by what words/tags the listing gets displayed.

· Multimedia Listings: The owner can really enrich the listing by providing better detailed description of the business, photos, videos, audios, scanned images, pdf documents, etc.

· Rich User Experience: intends to present an extremely simple website but with high quality and nice innovative and elegant touch wherever possible.

· Classifieds - Short Term Listings: Individual listings that are temporary or short term in nature such as Cell phones, Computers, Used Furniture, Pets, Puppies, etc. that are on sale.

· Used Automobiles: We provide a facility to search for automobiles using the single window interface. "Advanced Search" link provides additional convenience.

· Real Estate listings: You can search for Real Estate listings using the same single window interface. Do not forget the convenience buddy, "Advanced Search".

· Context Sensitive Advertisements: The searcher is always presented with search sensitive advertisements as well as location sensitive advertisements.

· First Global search engine that serves worldwide users: No matter where the users are in the world, delivers the most precise and relevant results.

· First search engine that caters to International Yellow Pages and International Classifieds.

· NO Geographical constraints: Hudku imposes NO geographic constraints such as city, locality for business users to List their products and services - impact of this is very significant and beyond the user’s normal imagination.