HP launches enterprise UPS range

29th December 2008
HP launches enterprise UPS range

December 30, 2008; BANGALORE:


A thoughtful step towards strengthening its Power Protection and Management portfolio for the APAC market, specifically India, HP has unveiled three new UPS models.


Targetted at datacenters and server rooms of emerging enterprises (SMEs who grow and require scaleable architectures), the two tower models (T 1000v and T 1500) along with one rack mount model (R 3000v) operate on a self-healing mechanism that according to HP 'diagnoses' and gives the hardware administrator 'advance notice' to change the batteries before they actually run out, ensuring continuity and agility. HP calls this the miracle of the 'hot swappable' batteries.


Tower UPS for starters is a unit which sits next to two or more server racks, while a rack mount system is inserted between server racks. The models can be chosen depending on how big the datacenter is, and alternatively where the server room 'hotspots' are located.


The UPS models come also with front panel displays, USB slots, and a browser-based management console, the HP Power Manager.


Though these models are targetted at the emerging enterprise segment, HP maintains that the systems are ideal also for mission-critical applications that cannot tolerate the least downtimes.