SAP unveils 3 new enterprise products for India

02nd March 2012
SAP unveils 3 new enterprise products for India
At the SAP Localization Forum 2012, in Bangalore, March 1 2012

Bangalore, India – March 1, 2012 –Enterprise application software leader, SAP Labs India, has unveiled three new products for India - File Lifecycle Management, Policy Management Framework and Address Data Cleansing.The launch was made during the SAP Localization Forum 2012, in Bangalore, Thursday.

The File Lifecycle Management solution aims to turn a physical file movement into a completely digital experience with file approval, storage, archiving and search features.
Policy Management Framework will enable organizations to conceive, draft, formalize, simulate, launch and monitor a new policy, in a matter of days.
The Address Data Cleansing solution will have the capability to parse any address data in India, and convert it from a raw form to an accurate result, locatable on digital maps, in a local context, helping industries like Utilities, Telecom and Financials Services.

In his keynote, Alok Goyal, COO SAP India pointed out that 'out -of-the box' solutions to address some of the unique and most challenging business problems faced by Indian customers are now being made available by SAP for the Indian market. He said that in a diversified country like India, enterprises can provide better services to their stakeholders through localized applications

Navaneet Mishra, Vice-President, Globalization Services, SAP Labs India, added: “This year, we have marched ahead of the curve by not restricting ourselves to localising standard SAP products, but also conceptualising new solutions needed for the Indian market today, that can soon be leveraged by other countries as well”. 
Over 500 customers from across the country participated in the summit. SAP Labs India’s Globalization Services team has been an integral part of SAP Business Suite software since its inception in India in 1996-97, providing global business practices with India specific legal compliance and business process needs thereby supporting a company’s operational, reporting and tax compliance requirements.