Intersil's India-based engineers helped create 70-plus products

17th February 2012
Intersil's India-based engineers  helped create 70-plus products
Intersil's India Managing Director Ramanujam Thodur ( left) and global President& CEO Dave Bell in Bangalore on February 16 2012 ( IndiaTechOnline photo)

Bangalore, February 17 2012: The India-based development centres of analogue semiconductor devices leader Intersil, is doing “ truly innovative work” says the Milpitas ( Calofornia) US-based company’s CEO Dave Bell. On a visit to Bangalore this week, he spoke to the local media on Intersil’s technology roadmap – and the contribution of the engineers based in Hyderabad and Bangalore since 2004 and now 40 strong. 

Over 70 products in Intersil’s product portfolio spanning industrial, communication and consumer electronics had been developed in this country, leading to 10-plus patents, added India Managing Director Ramanujam Thodur. Recent and key products flowing from India-based innovation include a digitally controlled potentiometer with 99% accuracy ( with multiple applications in audio electronics and laptop backlight control ) and the industry’s best low noise 24-bit Analogue to Digital convertor (ADC) which is finding good traction in the weighing scale market.

Since Bell assumed leadership at Intersil, the company has moved beyond its traditional turf in analogue and mixed signal integrated circuits to address new product areas in security surveillance, auto electronics and consumer areas like pico projectors. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, Intersil unveiled the chipset solution for a 25 lumens HD pico projector, an industry first. The company has also quickly wrested leadership in the security camera space and is now the number one supplier of video decoders for security surveillance, Bell revealed.