Ankit Fadia helps you unblock the Internet

26th January 2012
Ankit Fadia helps you unblock the Internet
Ankit Fadia at the launch of his latest book in Delhi January 24 2012

New Delhi, January 26, 2012 : Ethical hacker and Indian Computer Security specialist Ankit Fadia has released his latest book  -- on how to unblock websites, blogs, applications and content on the Internet. The book entitled “How to unblock everything on the internet”, was released in Delhi, by Navin Jindal, Member of Parliament, noted industrialist, Chairman and MD, Jindal Steel & Power and Pavan Duggal, India’s Leading Cyber Lawyer. Published by Vikas Publishing House, the book will teach you simple things you can do to unblock access to blocked stuff on the Internet including social networks (Facebook, Twitter), video streaming websites (YouTube, MetaCafe), Sports/Cricket websites, chat, career sites and just about everything else.
Ankit Fadia said at the launch event: “Banning or blocking websites on the Internet completely is not the answer and is a step away from democracy and could silence free speech all together. We need to find a middle ground which allows a more efficient mechanism to remove offensive content from the Internet without blocking access to websites completely. China currently employs 40,000+ people to block content on the Internet. Hope India is not going to go the China way”.
Fadia, 26, has written 14 bestselling books, delivered more than 1000 talks in 25 countries, received 45 awards, has trained more than 20,000 people in India & China, offers certification courses on Ethical Hacking, hosts his own MTV show called What the Hack!, runs his own consulting company and also went to Stanford University .

The book costs Rs 150, but many online  shops are selling at a discount for around Rs 135.