IIT Delhi grads create Classpad, a tablet for education

30th December 2011
IIT Delhi grads create Classpad, a tablet for education
Rohit Pande, CEO, ClassteacherLearning Systems ( left) and Dr Harish Chaoudhary, Asst Prof of Marketting Managementat Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi at the launch of Classpad on December 29 2011


New Delhi, December 30, 2011: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi alumnus, Rohit Pande, returned to his alma mater this week, to launch Classpad, a tablet for personalized and interactive teaching & learning.

Classpad has a touch screen with a 7 hour battery life, 1.3 Ghz processing speed and a built-in memory of 4 GB expandable upto 8 Gb.

. Using the Classpad, teachers can effortlessly transfer class work to the students’ tablet, share their own content instantly and conduct tests/ assessments hassle free. Available for students in standard 3 to 12, Classpad can serve as an interactive e-reading device, with the capability of storing dozens of books. Equipped with distinctive software that is designed to integrate smoothly with existing school platforms, Classpad can easily be connected to the interactive whiteboards. The Classpad is available in 2 models: Trolley model for multiple student usage and one Tablet per Child (OTPC) model.

Says Rohit Pande, CEO, Classteacher Learning Systems: "Our education system does not differentiate students according to the learning capabilities and teach them at the same level, but the software installed in Classpad tests students’ problem solving, creativity and application of language skills. It provides them with personalized teaching as per their learning capabilities. Equipped with artificial intelligence, Classpad can help to categorize students as fast learners, average learners and slow learners."

Classteacher Learning Systems are the pioneers of interactive classroom technology in India offering digital classrooms solutions or smart classrooms to over 600 schools, 1 million students and 25,000 educators all across India. The company was co-founded in 1999 by Rohit Pande and Sameer Buti, both graduates of Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi .