Image courtesy Hindustan Times/ Shreyas Navare
Indian govt move to filter social media on Net, triggers wide-spread concern

December 10 2011: The Indian government’s concerns about content on social media sites and IT Minister Kapil Sibal’s suggestions to police them have triggered a storm of comment on the Net and in the print media.
We bring you links that will hopefully provide a specteum of opinions about this key
starting with the New York Times blog that first brought the issue out into the open:
New York Times: December 5, 2011 India Asks Google, Facebook to Screen User Content By HEATHER TIMMONS  

The Hindu interview: Hate speech must be blocked, says Sibal  
Is the government trying to gag Google?
IBN: Video  
Legally India: Kapil Sibal to sterilise Net but undercover sting shows 6 of 7 websites already trigger-happy to censor under ‘chilling’ IT Act  
The Hindu ( editorial): What to do about Internet Content?  
Hindu Businessline ( editorial) Gagging Online  
Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle ( editorial: Enforce laws, bid to police Net silly  

The Economis Blog: Web censorship in India: Mind your netiquette, or we'll mind it for you  
First Post: Censorship is easy — just get Kapil Sibal to say something “stupid 

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