National Electronics Policy for India drafted

03rd October 2011
National Electronics Policy for India drafted

New DEITy coming!

Oct 3 2011: The Indian government has released the draft of a National Policy on Electronics (NEP2011) to address a turnover of 400 billion dollars by 2020 and create job opportunities for 28 million.
The policy will complement two other policies to be announced: for Infotech and telecom.
The proposed NEP envisions globally competitive Electronics Systems and Design Manufacturing (ESDM) industry including nano-electronics to meet the country's needs and serve the international market. The draft policy involves an investment of about $ 100 Billion to achieve what is almost a hundred-fold growth from what was a $ 45 billion industry just 2 years ago.
This is a quantum jump from production level of about USD 20 Billion in 2009. The policy suggests that India should aim for “global leadership in VLSI, chip design and other frontier technical areas” to achieve $ 80 billion exports in that sector. In an early reaction the India Semiconductor Association has welcomed the announcement of the draft National Policy on Electronics calling it “most significant step for the electronics industry and specifically ESDM industry in India in the past many years”.
To achieve all this, the policy proposes setting up of over 200 electronic manufacturing clusters and to upscale high-end human resources with the creation of 2500 PhDs annually by 2020.
Specific accelerators proposed include:  Setting up of Semiconductor Wafer Fab facilities and its eco-system for design and fabrication of chips and chip components; Providing incentives for setting up of over 200 Electronic Manufacturing Clusters with world class logistics and infrastructure; Creating an “Electronic Development Fund” for promoting innovation, R&D and commercialization in ESDM, nano-electronics and IT sectors including providing support for seed capital, venture capital
As the first and most visible element of the policy, the Department of Information Technology to proposed to be renamed as Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITy) to reflect the desired focus on electronics. Link to full draft document:  Oct 3 2011