SAP's India team crafts an emergency citizen helpline

28th August 2011
SAP's India team crafts an emergency citizen  helpline

The India development team at SAP, has created a helpline application to aid Indian citizens with critical, immediate alerts during emergencies. The application will also provide real-time instructions and an expansive resource guide and information for emergency care on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. The announcement was made at the SAPWorld developer and marketing event held in New Delhi on August 26

With real-time intelligence capabilities and location-based information, the application will help public safety and security agencies along with state and local governments to drive better preparedness and prevention, enhance service delivery and responsiveness, and improve safety and security outcomes for citizens. SAP will work with local and state authorities and state police departments willing to provide emergency services to its citizens.

At the time of an emergency, a citizen’s details can be sent out to a helpline by pressing a designated “hot button,” which is routed to the police control room or to a nearby hospital and citizen activist closest to them for rapid assistance. The application can also send out time-critical information on the victim’s location as well as personal data like name, address and contact details, which can be pre-loaded in the application. Additionally, it can offer care instructions and information through step-by-step video narrations and follow-along demonstrations in the event of a fatal health crisis.

Some states like Kerala have already designated special  SMS codes for similar emergency and disaster message dissemination.

Aug 29 2011