Network Policy Control leader, Sandvine, opens Asia-Pac office in Bangalore

27th August 2011
Network Policy Control leader, Sandvine, opens Asia-Pac office in Bangalore
Brad Siim, Tae Chae and Eldase Paul, jointly cut the tape to inaugurate the Bangalore offices of Sandvine on Aug 25 2011

Leading Canada-headquartered provider of intelligent networking solutions, Sandvine has set up an office in Bangalore to better address the burgeoning broadband business in India
lus telecom providers among its customers across 85 countries, Sandvine is a recognized leader ( with a 28% global market share), in the Network Policy Control products and solutions space where the company’s Policy Traffic Switches and software solutions in business intelligence, help Internet Service Providers (ISPs) optimize traffic, manage regulatory obligations and create services that provide a uniform user experience.

The Indian broadband market is evolving towards advanced data and multimedia services and usag and operators are exploring new business models around Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), wholesale ISPs, content distribution, and aggregation using 3G and LTE networks, suggested Brad Siim, Sandvine’s Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, soon after inaugurating the new Bangalore centre.
“In a rapidly growing marketplace, Internet service providers in India need to be able to meet explosive broadband demand, with a quick go-to-market strategy. Sandvine’s solutions address this need, and make the difference between the success or failure of the provider by helping achieve sustained profitability. We’ve helped many companies overcome these industry challenges because we closely understand their business models”, Siim added.

Beyond dollars and cents, Sandvine aims to be recognized in India, as one of the best places to work – an accolade it has been winning consistently on its home turf. “ We would like to leverage the rich talent in Bangalore and help Indian ISPs meet the explosive growth that is happening in broadband” said Tae Chae, Sandvine’s Director ( Engineering) The India office would also serve as the company’s main facility in Asia Pacific clarified Eldase Paul, Director Operations, who will be based in Bangalore.

Sandvine’s ecosystem also embraces key application providers like Netsweeper (content control), PeerApp ( content caching) and DiviNetworks ( link optimization)  Aug 27 2011