MedBeat HealthConnect app now in 4 more languages

19th January 2024
MedBeat HealthConnect app  now in  4 more languages

January 19, 2024:MedBeat HealthConnect, an application that uses AI to get an accurate medical summary of patients’ ailments and symptoms for diagnosis by the medical professionals, has announced the availability of an additional 4 languages for the patients to check their symptoms in.
Now patients will be able to use MedBeat HealthConnect app in 6 languages, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telegu as well as the original Hindi and English.  This will further help bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors.
The 6 languages are available on MedBeat HealthConnect webapp on
MedBeat HealthConnect
 narrows down probable diagnosis by intelligently asking relevant questionnaire in native tongue of the user, creating medical history for the prescriber in English and directing and recommending the right specialist along with lab investigations to the patients.
“We launched MedBeat HealthConnect in September 2023 to amazing response from patients and doctors. We realized that more patients were using Hindi for communication rather than English and there was a crying need for using other languages for symptom analysis. Today, with MedBeat HealthConnect in 6 languages, we are assisting doctors optimize the time spent on each patient. Our App, through an innovative knowledge-based tool that uses AI algorithms helps ease this by providing a full summary to the medical professional in medical terms for correct diagnosis”, says Dr. Monika Agarwal, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, MedBeat HealthConnect.
“With the increased number of languages available in the MedBeat HealthConnect app, today we are able to connect with over 62% of the patients in India in their first language, no mean task in this English focused digital marketplace that we are in”, she adds. 
MedBeat HealthConnect solves the problem pertaining to language barriers and interacts with the patient in their mother tongue to access their symptoms. Utilizing their responses, it creates a summary of symptoms and medical history to be presented to the doctor and suggests the right specialist and relevant lab examinations. This summary contains doctor’s technical medical terminology, helping them in quick understanding and reaching the relevant diagnosis.
Setup by an MD doctor with over 2.5 decades of experience, the parent company of MedBeat HealthConnect, AI4Rx, seeks to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for providing a definitive healthcare platform that helps both doctors and patients alike.


MedBeat HealthConnect is the first of its kind app in India that transforms medical diagnosis by filling a critical gap – creating an accurate medical summary. The app takes on the digital avatar of a junior doctor, bridges the communication gap between doctor and patient, overcomes the language barrier and streamlines the consultation process.

We have uploaded a video about Medbeat in out techvideo spot for a few days