Air India’s virtual travel assistant is now on Whatsapp

18th January 2024
Air India’s virtual travel assistant is now on Whatsapp

January 18 2024: Air India, India’s leading global airline, has now extended access to its Generative AI-powered virtual travel assistant, AI.g, on WhatsApp.

The multilingual chatbot’s seamless accessibility on WhatsApp opens up a new guest support channel for Air India, helping travellers to ask questions across a wide spectrum of over 1300 travel-related topics and access a host of features. Through a simple WhatsApp chat, Air India guests will now be able to easily check real-time flight status and baggage information, download boarding pass or get a copy of their e-tickets, select seats, check the status of customer support requests generated online, and ask many other common questions, without having to call the airline’s customer contact centre.

 AI.g speaks four languages: Hindi, English, French, and German. Guests can chat with AI.g using the WhatsApp number +91 96670 34444.

The use of Generative AI technology helps AI.g to understand what travellers ask and answer in a normal, friendly way.  This means you get your answers faster in an automated fashion for things like booking, baggage allowance or changing your flights.