Web3 will redefine online experience

01st January 2024
Web3 will redefine online experience
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Technology Predictions for 2024 -4
January 1, 2024: As we enter 2024, Web3 tech trends project a bullish market, driven by innovations like L2 and ZK proofs. Mainstream adoption is expected to increase with the introduction of user-friendly Web3 wallets seamlessly embedded in users' favorite apps. In 2024, gaming is poised to lead dApp activities with a remarkable 15% monthly growth. NFTs are set to transition from novelty to a $15.46 billion utility by 2027. Social dApps surge by 72%, competing with industry giants. We can anticipate a Self-Sovereign Identity revolution, further underscoring the industry's trajectory towards a user-centric, privacy-focused future.Layer 2 solutions revolutionize scalability, and real-world asset tokenization thrives. In this pivotal year, the combination of user-friendly Web3 wallets and the anticipated approval of a Bitcoin ETF signals widespread adoption of Web3 technologies.As the digital landscape reshapes, expect Web3 to not only redefine our online experiences but also usher in an era of secure healthcare platforms, tamper-proof voting systems, and decentralized social networks. 
Neeraj Khandelwal, Cofounder, CoinDCX & Okto