Reliance Jio, IIT Bombay, to work on an Indian avatar of ChatGPT

28th December 2023
Reliance Jio, IIT Bombay, to work on an Indian avatar of ChatGPT
Akash Ambani at IIT Bombay Tech Fest Dec 27, 2023

 Mumbai, Dec 27 2023:  ( from PTI report distributed by Reliance Jio)
Reliance Jio Infocomm chairman Akash Ambani on Wednesday said the country's largest telco is working with Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay to launch a 'Bharat GPT' programme.
The company, a unit of Reliance Industries, is also "comprehensively thinking" to launch an operating system for televisions, he said, adding that it has been working on it for a while now.
Speaking at the institute's annual Techfest here, the 32-year-old Ambani family scion said building an "ecosystem of development" is very important for the company, and added that work on the vision of "Jio 2.0" is already on.
 "We have been working on a project with IIT Bombay to launch a Bharat GPT programme," he said, while speaking about the partnership between Jio and the premier tech school, which goes back to 2014.
At present, we have just scratched the surface with large language models and generative AI and the next decade will be defined by these applications, he said.
Ambani said artificial intelligence will be transforming every area of products and services and added, "We are working very hard to launch AI not only as a vertical inside our organization, but also horizontally across all our sectors," he said.

Hindustan Times adds: Professor Ganesh Ramakrishnan from IIT’s department of computer science and engineering, is exploring GPT and Large Language Model (LLM) solutions for the Jio Bharat GPT project.Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio unveiled this collaboration at IIT-B’s Techfest.
A year ago, the Bharat GPT consortium was established with the aim of delivering India-centric multimodal and multi-lingual models in a unique Public-Private Partnership initiative led by IIT Bombay. The consortium comprises other academic institutes such as IIT Madras, IIT Mandi, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur and IIM Indore.
“The Bharat GPT consortium’s vision unveils a transformative era where generative AI will integrate Bharatiya culture and foster economic growth and state-of-the-art innovation,” said Prof Ramakrishnan. “Beyond advancing Generative AI capabilities, we aim to develop the Indian AI ecosystem that engenders technological inclusion throughout all Indian economic and social strata, blending cutting-edge technology with Bharat’s rich heritage.”
The Bharat GPT consortium plans to release a series of multi-lingual and multi-modal foundational models along with the applications as well as their implementation recipes, which will enable grassroots innovations delivering India-centric solutions.

IndiaTechOnline  has found that the term Bharat GPT is already claimed as a product to be launched by Bangalore AI startup CoRover.AI.
Its website says:"BharatGPT, a revolutionary innovation by, the Conversational AI Platform, is India’s answer to existing Generative AI/Large Language......BharatGPT is available in more than 12 Indian languages, in partnership with BHASHNI, a National Language Translation Mission (NLTM) under The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).