Cutting edge solutions for logistics

27th December 2023
Cutting edge solutions  for logistics

Technology Predictions  2024- 2
Zebra Technologies.
As India strides into a transformative era, technology is driving sectors towards automation. More focus is being placed on the next generation of automated solutions, as India enters the digital future. This transformative period will witness continued efforts across enterprises, with a focus on upskilling and reskilling initiatives to fortify the workforce and get them up to speed.
Additionally, the government has plans to reduce the cost of logistics to a single digit, thereby rendering the transport & logistics and warehousing industry a hotbed for cutting-edge technologies. Enterprises in this sector are also preparing themselves for long-term growth and are digitalizing themselves through the introduction of varying solutions, including mobile computers and wearables, RFID (radio frequency identification), and even machine vision and fixed industrial scanners, just to name a few.
Zebra’s latest Warehousing Vision Study has further highlighted the importance of enhancing employee value and retention, with 70% of Asia Pacific (including Indian) warehousing decision-makers planning to automate workflows by 2024 for more customer-centric tasks. The study also confirmed that 58% of warehouse decision-makers plan to deploy RFID technology by 2028 to help increase their inventory visibility and reduce out-of-stocks. The infusion of smart technologies, automated processes, and robust warehouse management systems will transform Indian warehouses into efficient hubs and empower them to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic market in the days ahead.”  Rajnish Gupta- VP and Head - India & Subcontinent Business, Zebra Technologies.