AI will be not auxiliary, but core -- Salesforce

26th December 2023
AI will be not auxiliary, but core -- Salesforce
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Technology Predictions  2024 -- 1
December 26,2023: “A primary objective for AI is using the technology to achieve full autonomy within enterprises, where standard workflows can be entirely automated. In 2024, AI won't be an auxiliary tool but the core around which successful businesses revolve, marking an era of unparalleled transformation. It is clear that businesses need a digital strategy that builds resilience for today, increasing productivity and driving efficiency. And a vision for the future - to keep pace as all industries evolve to meet growing customer and employee expectations. 2024 will also see a strong focus on data privacy and compliance and organizations can only harness the full power of AI when it is fueled by accurate, comprehensive data. More robust data governance frameworks, establishing clear policies for data collection, storage, and usage, and continuous monitoring and auditing of training data. We will also see a new era of cyber defense take shape to address new threats. Furthermore, the term 'semantic query' will become commonplace, reflecting the seamless integration of AI in daily workflows.” - Arun Kumar Parameswaran, MD - Sales, Salesforce India
A smarter workplace in 2024
“In 2024, AI will transform the office into a smarter workplace - and transform how we think about (and measure) human productivity.  Chatbots and virtual assistants will simplify the employee experience by automatically booking the right space for a team’s needs. From an innovation perspective, AI will be infused at every layer of product roadmaps and platforms to bring value to customers. This is as true for SaaS companies as it is for semiconductor and gaming companies. AI will also impact the very nature of development and how these products are built. Through augmentation of mundane coding tasks, developers can boost their productivity and ability to focus their skills on the gnarliest problems. But open, ethical, and transparent use of generative AI may be what sets companies apart in customers’ minds.” - Sanket Atal, Managing Director – Operations and Site Lead – Technology, Product, at Salesforce India